4 Reasons Why Your Child Should Play a Musical Instrument

Rebecca Helm, Go Go Allegro School of Music

September marks Back to School fun with EazyDone, and we are highlighting Do’ers who offer meaningful and empowering after-school activities for your kids. Learning to play an instrument is a pursuit that offers a wide range of benefits, especially for young individuals. Whether it’s the piano, violin, guitar, or any other instrument, the advantages extend far beyond just musical proficiency. 

In this article, we asked Rebecca Helm, Music Director of Go Go Allegro School of Music, for her top reasons why your child should consider learning an instrument this fall. 

  1. Accelerates brain development. When learning an instrument, a person must engage various parts of the brain, strengthening memory and attention to detail. Studies have also linked music education with improving mathematical and problem-solving skills. For example, learning music helps build spatial-temporal skills, which are critical when studying geometry and spatial reasoning in mathematics. 
  2. Accelerates the early stages of social development. Music education opens the door to joining bands, choirs, and orchestras, spaces for teamwork, communication, and friendship with like-minded peers. Learning an instrument also offers opportunities for emotional expression, allowing young individuals to discover new outlets for their feelings. 
  3. Builds fine and gross motor skills. Beyond cognitive development, learning an instrument strengthens fine and gross motor skills, such as hand-eye coordination, finger dexterity, posture and body positioning, and rhythm and movement coordination.
  4. Teaches patience, perseverance, and goal-setting. Rebecca’s last reason for learning an instrument is arguably the strongest. Consistent practice, time, and effort are key to mastering an instrument, and these skills demonstrate the value of persistence. When your student experiences a sense of accomplishment for progressing on their musical journey, they understand the rewards that come with dedicating themselves to a goal. 

Go Go Allegro School can help your child begin their musical education this fall. With in-home lessons and virtual options on Zoom, learning to play an instrument has never been easier. To schedule a lesson in piano, guitar, drums, violin, voice, and more, check out Rebecca Helm’s profile here

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