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Who are we? We are Superparents and we got you!

Know the feeling of endless errands that are constantly popping up on a minute’s notice? Wishing you had a best friend/personal assistant combo to help with everything? Well…that’s us! we get it, and we got you! All the recommendations of your neighbors and friends around you – available for booking when you need them. Search for the help you need, find who is it that your friends recommend, that is available at the time you need and book it! Done! We are parents who, by joining forces and networks, know everyone and everything and we are taking our communities to the next level.

Abigail Auerbach-Perets- Founder & CEO

I am busy. That’s what I am – A career woman & mother of three, constantly getting things done for everyone. My time is filled with these endless repetitious coordinations of babysitters, tutors, music lessons, carpooling, and whatever else pops up on any given day. All I want to do is make time for what I love – my family, friends, and actual work – not errands. As a constant seeker of efficiency, I felt there has to be a faster way of getting things done. I want to use my friends’ recommendations and keep the trust factor, but cut out all the coordinating. This is when DONE was born. This process has to be more efficient or I will lose my mind!

Ayelet Mavor- Strategy Advisor

As a supermom of 3, who’s been dragging her bunch plus her career across countries for the last 10 years, when it comes to running our household, I have zero bandwidth for: desktop research, trial sessions and the inevitable wrong choices of service providers. When we arrive in a new city (as has happened too many times to count!) I need to set us up ASAP which means there is no room to be too shy to ask. Life is sweeter with a little help from my friends.

Talya Seligman - Product Advisor

With 3 kids and a career focused on the development of social marketplaces I am passionate about helping communities thrive through tech disruption. I am here to make sure you can tap into the recommendations you trust and book them in no time!

Bil Zarch - Head of Operations

I get psyched by making a connection for someone. I am an engaged dad with a lot on my plate balancing work, parenthood and fun. I am looking to spend my precious time with my 13 and 10 year old kids doing interesting things. I have spent my career building strong, prosperous communities that are full of meaning. Creating quality interactions has been a cornerstone of my career and being able to think about what busy parents need and want so they can focus on the stuff that matters gives me a lot of joy.

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