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Puppy Socialization and Basic Training includes opportunities to and manage and teach the following. The number of behaviors trained depends on numerous factors. The list below notes some standard behaviors that are important for puppies to learn to keep them safe and  establish the foundation needed to advance their training and socialization. This requires time, commitment, and consistency from the puppies family.

Preparation for arrival of a new puppy

Crate Training

House Training


Managing Puppy Nipping/Teething

Foundation behaviors like: name recognition, being attentive to you, sit, lie down, stay, come, drop it, leave it, hand touch, resting on mat or dog bed, general handling, greetings, introduction to wearing collar, harness, and leash, preventing/stopping jumping on people and chewing on furniture, etc., confidence building by positively managing gradual introductions to novel items and situations, and other age appropriate behaviors.


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$100.00/Hour Session. Discounted packages available for 5 or more sessions
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