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What if you could talk with your precious pet, and ask them about their wants, desires, and if they are in pain (and where)?

Now you can! 

Master healer, Jen Eve communicates easily with animals of all kinds and sizes, to find sources of emotional and physical pain. 

It is estimated that almost 90% of pets have some kind of silent pain in their lifetime. There are a number of reasons why a veterinarian or pet parent might not know about and could overlook pain that is present in a pet. 

I have helped heal animals suffering from a range of emotional and physical challenges, including:

Aversions, anxiety, aggression, allergies, fears, inappropriate elimination, gastrointestinal ailments, and more. 

Communicating with and offering compassion to your pet is often very healing.

Adding Reiki and The Emotion Code (releasing trapped emotions) to a session, can be highly effective in eliminating and resolving pain and sources of discomfort in all animals. 



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Jen Eve

Master Healer & Medical Intuitive Consultant
City: Hopkinton
State: MA
Zip Code: 01748