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For: Female identifying teens and young adults. Session Length: 50 minutes, over telehealth platform (video call) In our work together we will discuss your challenges with your weight, with eating, and with body image, while calling out and identifying diet culture for what it is: destructive. We will bring compassion to your valid struggle to want to look a certain way or be a certain size and explore the people and the forces in your life that contribute to your dis-ease in your body. I will be your ally as you learn to identify and to ditch dieting and diet culture, and build strength and confidence in your already beautiful self. You can book one session at a time, but this work can be slow and ongoing. Building a compassionate and trusting relationship is part of the process of retraining the mind to trust our own bodies and turn away from the cultural norms of diet culture and the thin ideal.    

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Gabrielle Simons

Ditch dieting and diet-culture, and build your confidence from the inside out. Enjoy food without fear and judgment.
City: Melrose
State: MA
Zip Code: 02176