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Date Night-For hours of peace of mind while you and your significant other go out for a good time and some rejuvenation, schedule our NCSs or PPDs. We know how hard it can be to leave your little one alone for the first time, so we’re here to give you peace of mind and the knowledge that your child is safe and secure in our hands.

Weekends-It can be hard to find time to get away, never mind knowing that while you’re gone you have quality care for your children. Here at Gentle Giraffes our team is ready and willing to provide you with peace of mind. While you’re getting some much-needed R & R, they will love spending time playing and caring for your children. Because it’s impossible to pour from an empty cup, when you return you’ll be ready to give your full attention to your little one.

Travel-Many new parents have a hard time going away for their anniversary, attending a wedding or even a family reunion within the first 6 months of a having a baby. Here at Gentle Giraffes, we understand it can be really hard to leave your new baby with someone new during those fun nights or the long hours of prep and pictures if you'er in a wedding, even just taking a long excursion to spend time as a couple. In order to make these events and adventures more fun and enjoyable, several of our team members are always ready for a week or two of travel to help make this new chapter as easy, relaxing and manageable as possible for you. In the past in fact, many have traveled regularly with their clients.  They know what it’s like to keep you on track and organized. This allows you to have a good time while on your vacation, focus while on a work trip, and be at peace know your most precious cargo is being well taken care  for any other occasion that may take you away from home.

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