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At RTC, Your child's future matters to us.® That means we will spend time getting to know your student and their needs first. We will listen to you and thoroughly assess your student before we design customized tutoring, because we know that's how instruction is *effective* and makes a difference in your child's learning and test scores! We understand that SSAT/ISEE/HSPT tutoring is really high school readiness tutoring, a way to help students not only see amazing score gains, but also develop skills that will make them successful in high school and beyond. These skills include critical thinking and reading, strong organizational and study skills, self-advocacy, and self-care. We pride ourselves on getting to know our students and developing test prep programs that meet their individual needs. What's more, we address the mental game of test prep. Unlike most, we understand that test content, design, and strategies are not enough to be successful on Test Day; students must also be able to take a calm, focused test to succeed. We help "anxious" test-takers achieve every day! Your student’s test prep program will be customized to their needs based on our proprietary assessment and their personal score goal. First, we will meet with your student in a 90-minute interview to help them discover themselves as a test-taker. Then, we collaboratively design a personalized test prep program with your student’s specific needs in mind and discuss our recommendations in a Family Meeting with you. In this free 30-minute consultation, you will meet with Director of Student Services Erin Brenneman to discuss how RTC can serve your student's needs. We can't wait to learn about your student! 30-minute free consultation.

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