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Gabrielle Simons

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I help adults and teens ditch dieting and build body trust so they can engage more fully in their lives without anxiety about food, eating or body size.

4 months of virtual nutrition counseling includes:

  • Weekly, 50 minute sessions over my telehealth platform
  • Message support 5 days/week over Voxer (a messaging app that allows text and voice messaging).
    • Wondering what to eat while traveling?
    • Headed to a party and anxious about food?
    • Having a particularly negative body image day? I am here to support you in the moment, while also building new pathways of relating to yourself in these difficult situations.
  • Access to my video vault as I create new videos on nutrition basics, body positivity, cooking videos and more.

Change takes time, and so does building trust. That is why I work with clients in a 4-month container, always with the option to extend if a client so chooses.

The first month we will spend our sessions getting to know each other. I’d love to learn about your passions and goals and your struggles and challenges. We will explore your past and present relationship with food, your values and beliefs about food, and your health and nutrition goals. Over the subsequent 3 months we will work on:

Becoming a Nutrition Ninja: We will fill in any gaps in your knowledge about basic nutrition, including macronutrients, micronutrients, fiber, and polyphenols. We will address nutrition myths and how to spot them on social media and elsewhere. You will become an expert in sorting nutrition fact from fiction, in reading nutrition labels, and in building balanced meals and snacks.

Body Image: In the age of body positivity, many of us feel we should be accepting, even loving toward our body. We accept body diversity for other people, and applaud the growing number of fashion brands that include plus-size models. But when it comes to our own bodies, we still suffer and strive to live up to external beauty standards. Together, we will help you cultivate self-compassion and body acceptance by unveiling diet culture and body ideals, and using evidence-based, body acceptance tools.

Your Health: We will address your specific health concerns, including heart health, gut health, diabetes and disordered eating, and focus on dietary changes (if needed) to address them. We will look at habits and beliefs that might hold you back from making the changes that you really want to make. If you need further expertise in any specific nutrition-related health issue than I can offer, I will personally help you find a dietitian with a specialty in the area of your concern (for example, a certified diabetes educator, or an eating disorder dietitian).

Many people come to dietitians wanting help to lose weight, yet there are many factors that influence body weight. Diets usually lead to short term weight loss and then weight regain. I am not a weight-loss dietitian. I care deeply about my client's mental and physical health. My goal is to help you build confidence to make food choices in the best interest of both your physical and mental health, so you can live your life without food anxiety.


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