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Emily Magid

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Your own personal chef, made accessible.
Community: Newton

It all started with a burger.

One Sunday afternoon I hired a babysitter to watch my one-year-old so that I could finally have time to cook ahead for the week. Unexpectedly, however, it turned out to be a gorgeous day, and my babysitter asked if she could take my son out for a walk. I immediately felt jealous, and was so sad as I watched her walk out the door with my baby to enjoy the beautiful spring weather while I was stuck in the kitchen. After working a very long week, I wanted to be the one to have that time with my son! Adding insult to injury, the turkey burgers I made that were meant to last our family for the week were so bad that we only ate them for one night and the rest got thrown out. Cue the guilt.

It was on this day that I knew there had to be a better way to serve nutritious meals to my family.

When I couldn’t find the service I needed in the marketplace, I decided to start EasyFeast. We aren’t just cooking amazing meals, we’re helping people live their best lives. Whether because you can finally free up your precious time without sacrificing nutritious eating, stop feeling guilty about all of the takeout, or start eating the way you’ve always wanted - EasyFeast will help you do it all.

Thanks so much for visiting our site. We can’t wait to see how EasyFeast can help you.

Easy Feasting,

Emily Magid, Founder & CEO

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