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Groups meet approximately every other week.  Groups are synchronous, students can attend online via Zoom or in-person at the Rabbi's home on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday @ 5 PM 

Spiraled Curriculum
We use a spiral curriculum that makes it possible for new and returning students to learn together.  It also means that student groupings can change year to year and even session to session. The curriculum enables everyone to learn new skills and improve on emerging ones. 

Our spiraled curriculum is based on three separate year-long units. We rotate through Year 1~Holidays, Year 2~Rituals & Year 3~Values. Ideally, if students join us in kindergarten and stay with us through 8th grade, they revisit each curriculum 3 times at a deeper and more advanced level. This allows us the flexibility to welcome new students and to accommodate changes in group composition.

This year’s curriculum is Values. Hebrew vocabulary words, the prayers and songs we learn, our projects, stories and text-study will all be anchored in Jewish Values. 


1. We will continue to use Hebrew Alef Bet cards and games for in-class Hebrew review. Every student will also have a Hebrew textbook.
2. New this year, every student will receive a text book for Torah Study.  This too will be used in class.  
3. This year class-packs with everything you need can be picked up after September 10th at the Rabbi's home. 

Here's a preview of the in-person class locations.  We'll be meeting with a chef in Sharon, MA for a Challah Baking Workshop. We'll be touring the art museum and participating in an art workshop at Framingham State University.  We'll be volunteering at Cradles to Crays.  And we will celebrate the end of the year at Apex Entertainment.

All timeslots are Eastern Standard Time.


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