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Stef Mishkin

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Lash Cosmetics, created by our desire to obtain, professional line of makeup.
Community: Brookline

Lash Cosmetics, LLC Was created by our desire to obtain a beautiful, professional line of makeup that is of high quality and mineral based. Our makeup is also paraban free, a very popular and ever growing request amongst our consumers. We offer a full selection of lip glosses, in 30 beautiful shades, as well as 20 shades of lipstick (all containing vitamin E), blush, eyeshadows, shimmer eye shadow, and bronzer. We also have an amazing line of mineral based, oil free, wet/dry pressed foundation powder with SPF 30. In addition, we offer eye primer and concealer in many different shades to appeal to many different faces and skin tones. New to our line which we are extremely excited about is a tinted, oil free daily moisturizer with SPF 15. We are constantly growing and expanding our product line in order to meet the needs of our customers. We have a very strong commitment to pleasing our customers and offering them the feeling that Lash is their very own personalized line of makeup. As a result, we have just created a new Gluten Free, allergy free lipstick line available in many beautiful couture shades that is already proving to be a huge success. We have received so much positive feedback from our customers and feel very fortunate to already have so many repeat customers anxious to see the new products and new colors we are always introducing to our line.

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