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Thanks so much for your interest in Engaging Minds. I look forward to finding a time to connect to learn more about your child and to share more about EM and how we can help.

Please set up a time to speak with President and Founder Dan Levine to get started!

At Engaging Minds, our primary focus is on strengthening students' executive function skills (organization, prioritization, initiation of tasks, study skills, time management, goal-setting, planning). We offer a unique approach to traditional tutoring in that we teach students how to learn and provide them with academic skills and strategies they need to succeed over the long-term. We use the student’s own schoolwork as the foundation to teach these skills, and students leave each session feeling accomplished and prepared for the week ahead. Our goal is to guide students to become independent and self-confident learners. Please visit to learn more.

We offer an 8-session plan, a 16-session plan, and a 24-session plan.

Our rates range from $145/session to $195/session. 

Please click here to book an introductory phone call.  

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One-on-one executive function coaching
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