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$478 for detailing your vehicle both inside and out.
The interior of the vehicle is vacuumed, all surfaces are wiped down and conditioned. Seats, Carpets, and mats are shampooed and steamed. Full interior is steamed. Ask about our Ozone Treatment!

Our Premium Exterior package is a great way of removing light scratches and other contaminants. Once we wash the vehicle, a clay bar is done by hand to remove all road dirt and contaminates that won't come off with a regular wash. We then use our buffer and pad to polish the exterior of the vehicle to bring back the shine, and also protect the paint with its built in sealant. This sealant should last months if taken care of properly.


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Matthew Mullaney

Premium Package Car Detailing At Your Home
City: Billerica
State: MA
Zip Code: 01821